I'm working on a few things in my spare's the roleplaying games I'm keeping busy with!

Projects in the Works

  • Hedgers: a dark fantasy microgame about fighting the Fae with stolen power. I'll be playtesting it, polishing it, and putting it up for sale as a cheap PDF.
  • Schism Song: a loosely-based-on-Apocalypse-World game inspired by Bastion about discovering and remaking a world after it broke down. Get the core alpha rules here!

Completed Projects

  • Io Station IV: a DramaSystem pitch done for an RPGGeek contest, it's about mech pilots on a space station outside Jupiter. There's a free download in the Files section.
  • A Mystery At Midnight: a Fiasco playset that I wrote for an RPGGeek contest! Picture Agatha Christie with a dash of P.D. James. See the "Files" section for a free download.
  • Keeton Journeys: a pocket-sized game inspired by Mushi-shi that I wrote in 24 hours. I made it in PocketMod format, so print it out and fold it up!
  • Men of Stones: one of my early tries at design; I did this for a Game Chef competition in 2011. It's super-rough, rather clunky, and not all that great, but there's a few nifty things I like about it, such as the random setting tables in the back.