Sunday, August 18, 2013

Update: HALP!

I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Maybe not. But hey, here's a wonderful outline of the reason why I'm currently panicking but excited for the upcoming week...oh, the stuff to do...and I'm not even at GenCon! Which is a good thing because then I'd be even more busy........

Lemme summarize things in quick bullet-points.

  • Play in a demo of 13th Age. That happened Saturday night, and it was pretty great. And with that, the week commences...
  • Run the third week of 13th Age's organized play program at the FLGS on Sunday. I think I'm good for that...
  • Run and prep (not in that order) the next session of an urban fantasy (in the 1930s!) Fate game on Wednesday.
  • Finish prepping and then run a session of Tenra Bansho Zero for Geek.Kon...which I'm sorta there on. Lots to print out.

So that's the "running games" bit of what's been spinning my wheels. Whew. Then there's the projects that just keep cycling around my burners.

  • Got a great idea for Cthulhu meets Paranoia (which is itself a great idea) that I should be able to cobble together as a quick game.
  • Review the excellent Heroine supplement called "Girls Elsewhere".
  • Need to prototype Candlelight, which is my card game about sending a team to go fight a monster a la Dracula...
  • I've been slowly accumulating ideas and stirring them for my Bastion-inspired fantasy hack of Dungeon World (and assorted *World games...).
  • A couple neat ideas for StoryNexus games (StoryNexus is basically the greatest...).
  • While I have a lot of random ideas, one that sticks out is the sudden inspiration to use Cortex Plus to adapt a game that I've played for a while now...
  • I still have a couple of Monsterhearts skins to do, because I had the ideas
  • And then there's Gloaming's Wilds, which I need to revise and put into nanogame PocketMod.

I think I have a "getting involved in things" problem...


  1. I'd be curious to read more about Gloaming's Wilds. That's a great name.

    1. Thanks! It took a while for me to pick a good name. I'm juggling a lot about it, in terms of how the rules and the game flow, but it's my mutated version of the Changeling mythos.

      It centers around Hedgers, humans who are partially touched by the Fae magics, and the line they walk between their humanity and the magic that slowly consumes them. It's designed to slowly pull them towards becoming a Fae-like creature themself.

      The nanogame version is about jumping into battle, summoning Fae-touched power and magic to fight them and maybe manage to free some of the Hedgers from the grip of Faerie.

      I'd say that Changeling and Puella Magi Madoka Magica are my two biggest influences for Gloaming's Wilds.